Your Guide to an Amazing Hawaiian Vacation

Hawaii: beautiful beaches, perfect weather, amazing surf, exquisite cuisine, and one of the world’s favorite places to visit on a much-needed vacation. Here’s a quick tour of Hawaii with some highlights, hotel information and the key to an amazing Hawaii vacation. Here’s the secret: find an inexpensive package that will get you a ticket to the island, a hotel, and a beach tour or restaurant all in one. Tons of places in Hawaii advertise their business by packaging with a hotel or airline. Below you’ll find some good picks.

First of all, for the golfing enthusiast, you can find the Unlimited Golfing Package from Prince Resorts Hawaii. On three Hawaiian islands, you can visit any one of 5 breathtakingly beautiful golf courses with a total of 99 holes and golf the day away. With a breakfast buffet included, you can’t go wrong with the Prince Resorts Hawaii.

Next, you don’t want to leave Hawaii without catching one of those famous waves. Pick Ohana Hotels, and you can “Catch a wave in Hawaii” over a five night luxurious stay.

One of the most famous things about a vacation in Hawaii is the delicious Hawaiian cuisine. For example, Tiki’s Grill and Bar is one of those restaurants. With the look and feel of a ’50s or ’60s Hawaiian tiki bar, this restaurant is a great place to go for delicious food and a breathtaking view of the beach.

For those more interested in Hawaii’s history and archaeology, visit Bishop Museum, home to more that two million Hawaiian artifacts. The museum now has a location at Hilton Hawaii Village Beach Resort, so it is easy to visit and view the amazing history of the beautiful state of Hawaii. With exhibits dating back to 400 AD and leading up to Hawaii’s modern history, the museum includes weapons, shark teeth, historic sufboards, and feather lei capes worn by Hawaiian nobility. This is truly a great tourist site for some unique Hawaiian history.



  • On July 08, 2018


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