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Moving To Hawaii e-book coverIn the summer of 2010, I made my own dream of moving to Hawaii come true. As I type this, I’m enjoying the balmy breeze coming through the window and a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean from my home in Honolulu. Life is good here, and it can be yours as well!

In April 2011, I created my website How To Live In Hawaii to share my personal experience and first-hand knowledge of moving to Hawaii. Since then, I’ve researched and written over 100 articles for the site. Positive reader response made me realize there was a need for a more cohesive guide on moving to Hawaii — something that extracted the best info from my articles, answered further questions about moving to Hawaii, updated all statistics and links, and organized the whole shebang in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step format.

After a year of further research and writing, that guide now exists: My e-book Moving To Hawaii: A Step-By-Step Guide provides all the know-how you need to plan and execute your move to Hawaii, with over 250 pages of detailed instructions, tips, and links to online resources. The 30-step format guides you through the entire moving process and serves as an action plan to keep you moving forward toward you goal.

“Aloha! We bought your eBook “Moving to Hawaii: A Step-By-Step Guide and we highly recommend it! It is an excellent resource for anyone moving to Hawaii. We have several of the other “move to/live in Hawaii” books out there. However, your eBook is the best of all them. The book is up to date, informative, and ever so practical. The links you provide in the book are immensely helpful. Your detailed advice for pet owners clarifies the pet import process. The calculation sheets you provide are very, very useful. Anyone seriously considering moving to Hawaii should definitely purchase your eBook. Mahalo!” — Chet

“I appreciate the level of detail you’ve included in your blog and in your book. It’s extremely helpful for me to see all the information laid out step by step with such clarity.” — Adele from Berkeley, CA

Moving To Hawaii: A Step-By-Step Guide is an e-book, so it offers:

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