Nature tours in Hawaii

Excursions are on the list of the most popular entertainments in Hawaii. There are numerous companies in Hawaii which offer a variety of entertainments: hiking, trips to waterfalls, volcanoes, places of historical interest and many others. The nature of Hawaii is rich, spectacular and unique. You will discover amazing waterfalls, tropical forests and valleys with wild greenery, active volcanoes with hot flows of liquid lava. Excursions on the island of

Water activities in Hawaii

If you admire water and ocean, then Hawaii will enjoy you with a variety of water activities. Local climate is mild and relaxing all the year round, and the temperature does not get lower than 27,2C while in winter it rarely drops under 24,4C. Apart from surfing, bodyboarding and snorkeling you can try kayaking, diving or parasailing. Kayaking The most popular location for kayaking on the island of Oahu is

Snorkeling on Hawaii

Hawaiian islands are the paradise for fans of snorkeling. It does not matter of which of the numerous islands of Hawaiian archipelago you visit, you will discover splendid locations for this type of swimming anywhere. You can enjoy snorkeling on your own or address a company providing snorkeling service and assistance and organizing snorkeling tours. If you never tried snorkeling before and never swam with mask and paddles and you

Swimming with dolphins on Hawaii

Swimming with dolphins will make your Hawaiian vacation unforgettable. In the coats waters of Hawaiian archipelago you can expect to meet eight species of dolphins among which there are bottlenose dolphin (Afalina) and long-beaked dolphin being the most dispersed species. Swimming with dolphins is one of the most wanted occupations of any traveler, visiting Hawaii. There are several companies on Oahu and on the Big Island offering their clients to

Night Cruises in Hawaii

Cruises are one of the top popular kind of entertainment in Hawaii, being available from all Hawaiian islands (Oahu, Kauai, Maui or Big Island) and which you can enjoy with your loved one. Depending on your plans and expectations you can choose either a simple tour or a cruise, completely meeting your wishes. You can choose a class of a ship for your cruise: from small boats or twin-hull boat

Hawaiian helicopter tours

Helicopter tours are the most popular entertainments in Hawaii. On Oahu, Maui, Kauai and on the Big Island you will find many companies organizing such tours. Expensive, but unforgettable adventure. Helicopter tours are not the most expensive type of entertainment in Hawaii for a reason. First, you can enjoy local sights which are unreachable from the land. Second, helicopter requires constant professional and rather expensive maintenance and checking before every flight.

Horse riding in Hawaii

Horse riding Horse riding tours are extremely popular entertainment in Hawaii for those guests, who loves nature and horses. You will find many companies, organizing horse riding tours in Oahu, Maui, Kauai and on the Big Island. On average, a horse riding tour lasts at least 1 hour. But there are tours taking 2-3 hours. Such trips will suite as beginning tourists so experienced riders. Horse riding is an unforgettable

Night shows in Hawaii

The most known night shows in Hawaii Night shows are the most popular type of entertainment on the islands. There is the greatest choice of shows and events suited to every fancy: from traditional island dancing and singing to acrobatic shows, Elvis look alike shows, illusionists and comic shows. Most of the events you can visit on Oahu and Maui. Night shows on Oahu island Most of night shows in

Watching whales in Hawaii

Watching whales is the most popular entertainment in winter months in Hawaii. The world population of humpback whales counts about 10-15 thousands of species. About a thousand of whales come to the warm waters of Hawaii at the end of November each year and then set back to the waters of Alaska. Whales can be met near all islands of Hawaii, that is why many companies offer day and night

Hawaiian Luau

What is Luau? Attending Luau is an essential part of entertaining program of any guest of Hawaii. But what is Luau? For locals Luau is a nice way to celebrate any event (birthday, harvest, won battle, completion of studying, etc.). Luau is a feast of life which can be organized at every given opportunity. Commonly the feast takes place at somebody’s house or in a park with many guests attending