Before You Move To Hawaii, Answer These Questions

If living in Hawaii is currently your dream rather than your reality, you’re certainly not alone. And if your dream is anything like mine was, it includes year-round sunshine, going to the beach after work, living in shorts and flip-flops, tropical flowers blooming everywhere, bronze-skinned surfers, a stress-free life… And while that is a somewhat accurate portrayal of real life in Hawaii (I wouldn’t call life here completely stress-free), there

35 Hawaiian Words Every New Resident Should Know

Thanks to Hawaii’s long history of immigration and ethnic diversity, its residents speak a unique form of English. You’ll hear words borrowed from Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, and other languages. But the most prevalent non-English words you’ll hear are from the Hawaiian language, which is one of state’s two official languages (English is the other). Adding to the unique flavor of Hawaii’s English is the widespread use of pidgin (Hawaii creole)

Feeling Like You’re On Vacation…At Home

Freelance writer Jill Robinson just wrote a post for Vagabonding’s travel blog (thanks for the link, Jill!) titled “Loving Where You Live,” which offers another reason for moving to Hawaii that I hadn’t really thought much about before: to feel like you’re on vacation while you save up your money to go on a “real” vacation. As Jill points out, if you’re someone with a serious case of wanderlust who

Try Living In Hawaii For A Week

So you’ve already thought carefully about the impact a move to Hawaii would have on your family, and you’re OK with any sacrifices you’ll have to make. And you’ve done some research on the different Hawaiian Islands and narrowed it down to one or two that you think would best suit you and your family. You can’t wait to pack everything up and move to paradise. But before you spend

30 More Hawaiian Words Every New Resident Should Know

When I wrote “35 Hawaiian Words Every New Resident Should Know” a couple months ago, I came up with so many words that I had to leave some out to keep the list to a readable length. It’s been a while since I wrote that post, so I figured you’re probably due for another dose of Hawaiian vocabulary. Here are 30 more that you’re likely to encounter as a new

Which Hawaiian Island Should You Move To?

(Note: If this article looks familiar, it’s because it was originally published in my newsletter. I have since changed the format of my newsletter and have moved all articles previously published under the old format to my blog, where they can be more easily found.) Deciding on which of the six major islands in Hawaii to call home is a nice problem to have. They are all beautiful and have

Choosing A Neighborhood In Hawaii

(Note: If this article looks familiar, it’s because it was originally published in my newsletter. I have since changed the format of my newsletter and have moved all articles previously published under the old format to my blog, where they can be more easily found.) Honestly, I don’t know how I would have moved to Hawaii without the Internet. Certainly with more difficulty! I found my rental home, changed my

30 Reasons Why You Might Not Like Living In Hawaii

Today I’m going to be Negative Nelly and give you some food for thought on why you might not enjoy living in Hawaii. Read each statement below and ask yourself, “Is this true for me?” If it is, that doesn’t automatically mean you’ll dislike living in Hawaii. But it does point out something that you need to consider carefully in deciding whether or not to move to Hawaii. For example,

Why You Should Move To Hawaii, Pt. 1

A couple days ago, I was Negative Nelly, listing reasons why you might not like living in Hawaii. Today, I’m happy to report that I am now Positive Pollyanna, here to tell you why you should live in Hawaii. Because despite the challenges of living in Hawaii — high cost of living, limited job opportunities, etc. — there are good reasons why some people choose to move here, and why

Why You Should Move To Hawaii, Pt. 2

Yesterday I started a list of reasons why Hawaii is a great place to live. Today’s post is the second half of that list… Cultural diversity Hawaii is one of the most culturally diverse states in the U.S., and has been for a long time. Besides the tourists who visit from all over the world, the immigrants who are currently moving to Hawaii come from a wide variety of countries,

Women: Dress For Success In Hawaii

Today I had an interview with the APEC hosting committee, to work as a volunteer at the upcoming APEC  summit in Honolulu. It was an easy interview and lasted only about 5 minutes, but I spent hours preparing for it. No, I wasn’t researching what APEC is all about and memorizing its 21 member-countries. Believe it or not, I was trying to figure out … what to wear. Business casual?

Men: Dress For Success In Hawaii

A few days ago, I wrote about the vaguely defined “business casual” dress code for women in Hawaii. After doing some research on behalf of my male readers, I’m happy to report that business-attire guidelines for men in Hawaii are more spelled-out and straightforward. Of course, there are always going to be exceptions to these rules, depending on the type of work you do and how conservative or liberal your

Hawaii Movie & TV Premieres Of Local Interest

I don’t usually write about Hawaii’s entertainment scene, because there are several other sites that already do a great job covering that. But I think these movie and TV premiere screenings would be of interest to new Hawaii residents, or to anyone who visits regularly and would move here if they could. “Get A Job” final-cut premiere I keep hearing about this movie “Get A Job,” a screwball comedy filmed

Foods Found In Hawaii

I’ve got a hankering for another word list. This time, let’s make a list of Hawaii foods. Notice I didn’t say “Hawaiian” foods, because not all the foods on this list are part of the traditonal, Native Hawaiian luau (although I’ve included those, too). Many are adopted from the cultures of immigrants who’ve settled here, such as the Japanese and Portuguese. One of the best things about living in Hawaii

13 Mobile Apps & Web Apps For Hawaii Living

The City & County of Honolulu has a new webpage, Can-Do Honolulu, which includes a directory of mobile and Web-based apps that provide useful information if you live (or want to live) in Hawaii. And they’re all free! The apps (11 so far) are: MapMyRide – Maps bike routes throughout Hawaii and tracks your activity. Honolulu Map and Walking Tours – Provides turn-by-turn walking directions, photos, and background info on