10 Highest Earning Companies In Hawaii

Let’s talk about job hunting. Because unless you’re indepedently wealthy (in which I case I’m totally envious) or have a nice nest egg saved up for your retirement in Hawaii, you’re gonna have to figure out a way to earn an income here. And for most of us, that means finding a job. When I was planning my move to Hawaii, the biggest hurdle in my mind was “How am

Shipping Cars To Hawaii

If you’re planning a move to Hawaii, you might wonder if it’s worth shipping your current car, motorcycle, or boat overseas, or if you should get rid of it and replace it once you’re living in Hawaii. The answer depends on several factors: Where would you be shipping your vehicle from? If you live on the West Coast of the U.S. mainland: It costs a little over $1,000 to ship

Which Hawaiian Island Should You Move To?

(Note: If this article looks familiar, it’s because it was originally published in my newsletter. I have since changed the format of my newsletter and have moved all articles previously published under the old format to my blog, where they can be more easily found.) Deciding on which of the six major islands in Hawaii to call home is a nice problem to have. They are all beautiful and have

Women: Dress For Success In Hawaii

Today I had an interview with the APEC hosting committee, to work as a volunteer at the upcoming APEC  summit in Honolulu. It was an easy interview and lasted only about 5 minutes, but I spent hours preparing for it. No, I wasn’t researching what APEC is all about and memorizing its 21 member-countries. Believe it or not, I was trying to figure out … what to wear. Business casual?

Men: Dress For Success In Hawaii

A few days ago, I wrote about the vaguely defined “business casual” dress code for women in Hawaii. After doing some research on behalf of my male readers, I’m happy to report that business-attire guidelines for men in Hawaii are more spelled-out and straightforward. Of course, there are always going to be exceptions to these rules, depending on the type of work you do and how conservative or liberal your

Hawaiian Pidgin & Slang

The official languages of the state of Hawaii are English and Hawaiian. But there’s also a third unofficial language, which is spoken by many locals in everyday conversation: Hawaii Pidgin English. Hawaiian Pidgin has evolved from the old plantation days, when immigrants came from different countries to work in Hawaii’s sugar cane fields. First came the Chinese, Japanese, and Portuguese in the mid-1800s. In order to be able to communicate

Hawaii Arts Season

Art and culture is woven into the dayli life in the Hawaiian Islands Beyond that, each year from February through May, Hawaii celebrates the arts. The Hawaii Arts Season mega-list of cultural events begs the questions: At a conference or convention have you ever chanted up the sun? Played a nose flute? Woven a fan from lauhala leaves? Attended a symphony concert featuring giant Taiko drums? Or heard storytellers reveal

Functions at Sea: An Ocean of Possibilities

The big, blue Pacific can be the venue for your next gathering. Dolphins can always sense a party. Skimming the waves off the bow of Star of Honolulu, they escort the ship and its guests toward the magnificent Waikïkï sunset. As the stars come out, the festivities flow and the world’s most famous shoreline puts on its own dramatic show of sparkling lights.Casting off for an ocean-bound adventure is a

Honolulu: A Great City

The Top 10 Reasons Why Honolulu is a Great (Convention) City 1. Location. The advantage of being situated halfway between the United States and Asia and between time zones is hugely significant in today’s business world where accessibility and communication are paramount. This big city is conducive to business while retaining small town reassurance; most importantly it is ranked among the safest cities with a population of over 750,000 (Travel

Nature tours in Hawaii

Excursions are on the list of the most popular entertainments in Hawaii. There are numerous companies in Hawaii which offer a variety of entertainments: hiking, trips to waterfalls, volcanoes, places of historical interest and many others. The nature of Hawaii is rich, spectacular and unique. You will discover amazing waterfalls, tropical forests and valleys with wild greenery, active volcanoes with hot flows of liquid lava. Excursions on the island of

Water activities in Hawaii

If you admire water and ocean, then Hawaii will enjoy you with a variety of water activities. Local climate is mild and relaxing all the year round, and the temperature does not get lower than 27,2C while in winter it rarely drops under 24,4C. Apart from surfing, bodyboarding and snorkeling you can try kayaking, diving or parasailing. Kayaking The most popular location for kayaking on the island of Oahu is

Snorkeling on Hawaii

Hawaiian islands are the paradise for fans of snorkeling. It does not matter of which of the numerous islands of Hawaiian archipelago you visit, you will discover splendid locations for this type of swimming anywhere. You can enjoy snorkeling on your own or address a company providing snorkeling service and assistance and organizing snorkeling tours. If you never tried snorkeling before and never swam with mask and paddles and you

Swimming with dolphins on Hawaii

Swimming with dolphins will make your Hawaiian vacation unforgettable. In the coats waters of Hawaiian archipelago you can expect to meet eight species of dolphins among which there are bottlenose dolphin (Afalina) and long-beaked dolphin being the most dispersed species. Swimming with dolphins is one of the most wanted occupations of any traveler, visiting Hawaii. There are several companies on Oahu and on the Big Island offering their clients to

Night Cruises in Hawaii

Cruises are one of the top popular kind of entertainment in Hawaii, being available from all Hawaiian islands (Oahu, Kauai, Maui or Big Island) and which you can enjoy with your loved one. Depending on your plans and expectations you can choose either a simple tour or a cruise, completely meeting your wishes. You can choose a class of a ship for your cruise: from small boats or twin-hull boat

Hawaiian helicopter tours

Helicopter tours are the most popular entertainments in Hawaii. On Oahu, Maui, Kauai and on the Big Island you will find many companies organizing such tours. Expensive, but unforgettable adventure. Helicopter tours are not the most expensive type of entertainment in Hawaii for a reason. First, you can enjoy local sights which are unreachable from the land. Second, helicopter requires constant professional and rather expensive maintenance and checking before every flight.

Horse riding in Hawaii

Horse riding Horse riding tours are extremely popular entertainment in Hawaii for those guests, who loves nature and horses. You will find many companies, organizing horse riding tours in Oahu, Maui, Kauai and on the Big Island. On average, a horse riding tour lasts at least 1 hour. But there are tours taking 2-3 hours. Such trips will suite as beginning tourists so experienced riders. Horse riding is an unforgettable

Watching whales in Hawaii

Watching whales is the most popular entertainment in winter months in Hawaii. The world population of humpback whales counts about 10-15 thousands of species. About a thousand of whales come to the warm waters of Hawaii at the end of November each year and then set back to the waters of Alaska. Whales can be met near all islands of Hawaii, that is why many companies offer day and night

Another Real-Life Story Of Moving To Hawaii

I recently discovered another blog about moving to Hawaii that I want to share with you. This one is written by John Derrick, who fell in love with Hawaii 10 years ago when he visited the state for the first time. He and his wife Victoria are finally making their dream come true next year, when they move from South Carolina to Kauai. John is a great writer and storyteller,

How I Invited Thieves Into My Home

Today I want to take a quick break from my job-hunting series so I can take advantage of a “teachable moment” related to something that happened to me recently. Last Thursday, I left for a trip to the mainland to attend my nephew’s wedding. When I arrived home Monday evening, I noticed that a small bookshelf in the living room had been moved slightly away from the wall. At first

Upcoming Home & Garden Expos

If you’re thinking about or in the process of building, renovating, or remodeling a home in Hawaii, there are three home-and-garden shows happening this summer that might interest you. At these expos, you can learn about a variety of home- and garden-related products and services that are offered by local businesses and contractors. Home, Garden & Remodeling Show: June 10-12, 2011, Blaisdell Exhibition Hall in Honolulu, Oahu Maui Contractors Association

More Top Realtors In Hawaii

A couple days ago, I published a post about Hawaii Business magazine’s Top 100 Realtors list. If you’re looking to buy or sell a home on Oahu, here are two more resources for finding a top-quality real estate agent to work with. Aloha Aina Realtor Awards Each December since 1998, the Aloha Aina Realtor Awards have been given to 10 Realtors who are nominated by the public for their outstanding