10 Highest Earning Companies In Hawaii

Let’s talk about job hunting. Because unless you’re indepedently wealthy (in which I case I’m totally envious) or have a nice nest egg saved up for your retirement in Hawaii, you’re gonna have to figure out a way to earn an income here. And for most of us, that means finding a job. When I was planning my move to Hawaii, the biggest hurdle in my mind was “How am

Shipping Cars To Hawaii

If you’re planning a move to Hawaii, you might wonder if it’s worth shipping your current car, motorcycle, or boat overseas, or if you should get rid of it and replace it once you’re living in Hawaii. The answer depends on several factors: Where would you be shipping your vehicle from? If you live on the West Coast of the U.S. mainland: It costs a little over $1,000 to ship

Which Hawaiian Island Should You Move To?

(Note: If this article looks familiar, it’s because it was originally published in my newsletter. I have since changed the format of my newsletter and have moved all articles previously published under the old format to my blog, where they can be more easily found.) Deciding on which of the six major islands in Hawaii to call home is a nice problem to have. They are all beautiful and have

Women: Dress For Success In Hawaii

Today I had an interview with the APEC hosting committee, to work as a volunteer at the upcoming APEC  summit in Honolulu. It was an easy interview and lasted only about 5 minutes, but I spent hours preparing for it. No, I wasn’t researching what APEC is all about and memorizing its 21 member-countries. Believe it or not, I was trying to figure out … what to wear. Business casual?

Men: Dress For Success In Hawaii

A few days ago, I wrote about the vaguely defined “business casual” dress code for women in Hawaii. After doing some research on behalf of my male readers, I’m happy to report that business-attire guidelines for men in Hawaii are more spelled-out and straightforward. Of course, there are always going to be exceptions to these rules, depending on the type of work you do and how conservative or liberal your

Hawaiian Pidgin & Slang

The official languages of the state of Hawaii are English and Hawaiian. But there’s also a third unofficial language, which is spoken by many locals in everyday conversation: Hawaii Pidgin English. Hawaiian Pidgin has evolved from the old plantation days, when immigrants came from different countries to work in Hawaii’s sugar cane fields. First came the Chinese, Japanese, and Portuguese in the mid-1800s. In order to be able to communicate

Another Real-Life Story Of Moving To Hawaii

I recently discovered another blog about moving to Hawaii that I want to share with you. This one is written by John Derrick, who fell in love with Hawaii 10 years ago when he visited the state for the first time. He and his wife Victoria are finally making their dream come true next year, when they move from South Carolina to Kauai. John is a great writer and storyteller,

How I Invited Thieves Into My Home

Today I want to take a quick break from my job-hunting series so I can take advantage of a “teachable moment” related to something that happened to me recently. Last Thursday, I left for a trip to the mainland to attend my nephew’s wedding. When I arrived home Monday evening, I noticed that a small bookshelf in the living room had been moved slightly away from the wall. At first

Upcoming Home & Garden Expos

If you’re thinking about or in the process of building, renovating, or remodeling a home in Hawaii, there are three home-and-garden shows happening this summer that might interest you. At these expos, you can learn about a variety of home- and garden-related products and services that are offered by local businesses and contractors. Home, Garden & Remodeling Show: June 10-12, 2011, Blaisdell Exhibition Hall in Honolulu, Oahu Maui Contractors Association

More Top Realtors In Hawaii

A couple days ago, I published a post about Hawaii Business magazine’s Top 100 Realtors list. If you’re looking to buy or sell a home on Oahu, here are two more resources for finding a top-quality real estate agent to work with. Aloha Aina Realtor Awards Each December since 1998, the Aloha Aina Realtor Awards have been given to 10 Realtors who are nominated by the public for their outstanding

Top 100 Realtors In Hawaii

If you’re looking to buy or sell a home in Hawaii and haven’t found a real estate agent to work with yet, make sure you check out this month’s issue of Hawaii Business magazine, which contains their annual Top 100 Realtors list. This is the fifth year that Hawaii Business magazine has published the annual list. The following 24 Realtors have earned the special distinction of having appeared on the

Hawaii HomeOwnership Center

If you’re planning to buy a home in Hawaii, or already own a home in Hawaii but are having trouble paying your mortgage, the Hawaii HomeOwnership Center can help. This federally funded nonprofit currently serves prospective and current homeowners on Oahu, Kauai, and the Big Island (with plans to serve Maui in the future). The center’s mission is to help individuals and families buy or build their own home in

Homebuyer Help From Hawaii State Government

Buying a home in Hawaii can be a challenge, due to the high cost of real estate. But there are two state government programs that can help make the purchase of a home a little more affordable for low- to moderate-income homebuyers. (Please note that these programs cannot be used in conjunction with each other, so you may participate in only one program at the same time.) Hula Mae Program

Fee Simple vs. Leasehold: Real Estate Ownership In Hawaii

If you’re shopping around for a home in Hawaii, there are two real estate terms you’ll constantly encounter that you might never have heard of before: fee simple and leasehold. Fee Simple Fee simple (also known as freehold) ownership is a concept most people are already familiar with, because in most U.S. states it’s the only type of real estate ownership available. When you buy a fee simple property, you

Finding A Rental Home In Hawaii: 8 Tips For Success

(Note: If this article looks familiar, it’s because it was originally published in my newsletter. I have since changed the format of my newsletter and have moved all articles previously published under the old format to my blog, where they can be more easily found.) Once you’ve figured out how much you can afford to spend on monthly rent and have an idea of where you want to live in

Hawaii Real Estate Terminology

Because of its distinctive island geography and its method of dividing land dating back to ali’i rule, Hawaii has some unique real estate terms. Before you start looking for a home on the islands, take some time to become familiar with these words that are commonly used in Hawaii’s real estate industry. ahupua’a (AH-hoo-poo-AH-ah) – In early Hawaiian times, a subdivision of land extending from the mountains to the ocean

Hawaii Real Estate Websites: My Top Picks

(Note: If this article looks familiar, it’s because it was originally published in my newsletter. I have since changed the format of my newsletter and have moved all articles previously published under the old format to my blog, where they can be more easily found.) When you’re ready to buy a home in Hawaii, there are so many real estate websites to choose from to start your search for the

Green Home In Hawaii Open To Public

If you’re thinking about building a green home in Hawaii — or would just like to tour one — you should check out the “New Hawaiian Home,” which is open to the public for two more Sundays this month. Newly constructed on a lot in the Kaimuki district of Honolulu, this 4-bedroom 2-bathroom house was built by the Building Industry Association (BIA) of Hawaii and more than 80 contractors as

New Affordable Senior Housing On Oahu

Last week, I wrote about why Hawaii is a good place to be a senior citizen, citing subsidized housing for seniors as one of the reasons. If you’re a senior who’s interested in affordable housing on Oahu, there’s a brand-new apartment complex that you should know about. Just last week was the grand opening of Franciscan Vistas Ewa, a newly constructed subsidized housing complex for seniors located in Ewa Beach

Another ‘Green Home’ Open House Tomorrow

A newly constructed 5-bedroom house in Kaneohe on Oahu will be open to the public tomorrow, Sat. July 30, 2011, 10am-3pm at 45-610 Huinawai Place. The home was certified “green” at the “gold level” by the National Association of Home Builders. The house’s eco-friendly features include: A 15-panel, 4.8-kilowatt solar photovoltaic system (installed by RevoluSun) LED-recessed lighting EnergyStar appliances Pre-engineered structural beams and trusses, which minimize the number of lumber

Oahu’s New Residential And Commercial Developments

I just discovered this free special feature in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser called “Growing Hawaii,” which should interest those of you who are planning to move to Oahu or who already live there. It’s a roundup of all the newest housing developments, retail centers, and hotels that are currently being planned or built around the island. New housing development projects on Oahu include: Koa Ridge: 3,500 homes near Mililani (Central Oahu)

Affordable Housing On Waianae Coast

The Waianae Coast on leeward Oahu has a bad reputation, and it isn’t entirely undeserved. Waianae High School has the highest student dropout rate in the state. Drive through certain neighborhoods and you’ll see unkempt properties, shuttered businesses, and a proliferation of convenience and liquor stores. News reports of drunken brawls and “tent cities” on some of its beaches certainly don’t help improve the area’s image. The Waianae Coast is

2012 BIA Home Building & Remodeling Show

If you’re planning to build a home in Hawaii or have been thinking about renovating your existing home, here’s an upcoming annual event that you won’t want to miss, where you can talk to all kinds of local licensed contractors and vendors under one roof: What: 2012 BIA Home Building & Remodeling Show (also known as “The Big Show”) Who: Sponsored by the Building Industry Association (BIA) of Hawaii (an

New Home Developments In Hawaii: Oahu

Looking for a brand-new condo, townhouse, or single family home in Hawaii? Here’s a roundup of all the current new-home construction on the island of Oahu. (In my next post, I’ll cover new-home construction on the neighbor islands.) All properties listed in this article are fee-simple. I did not include time shares (also known as “fractional ownership”) or home sites (land only). With the proliferation of master-planned communities in Hawaii,

New Affordable Condos In Honolulu: On Sale Now

I just found out about a brand-new condo building — Holomua — that is scheduled to open in early 2013. More than half of the condo units are being sold at reduced prices to qualified buyers under the state’s affordable housing program! Holomua is being built in the Makiki area of Honolulu — the location is close to downtown, Shriner’s Hospital for Children, Punahou School, and University of Hawaii at

New Home Developments In Hawaii: Big Island, Maui & Kauai

If you’re looking for a new-construction condo, townhouse, or single family home on the Big Island, Maui, or Kauai, you’ll find them in all sorts of price ranges — from “affordable” to “the sky is the limit.” Looking for new home construction on Oahu? Read my previous article, New Home Developments In Hawaii: Oahu. Unfortunately, there are no new home developments right now on Molokai or Lana’i, unless you buy